Reboost devient partenaire des Alouettes


Pure, Organic, Vegan, Powerful Antioxydant, 100% natural, Non-Processed product, Without artificial colourings,  Without preservative, Freeze Free, Easily Digested,Great Taste

All Athletes Needs Reboost

Electrolytes, Minerals and Antioxidants Naturally Included. The best source of pure Energy for performance athletes


Reboost helps me enormously in the effort to give me energy and it has always worked well to overcome myself. Reboost always goes well, tastes good and lasts a long time: all this while contributing to Healthy lifestyles.

When I played pro, I often told myself that I needed a reboost. I am very happy today to finally be able to count on Reboost energy gels which are exactly what I need when I play tennis. They are super good and I feel re-energized!

Reboost gels are essential to my optimal performance in training and competition. They are super easy to swallow and digest, two crucial attributes especially at high intensity. From a nutritional point of view, maple syrup provides me with an optimal amount of carbohydrates and electrolytes, allowing me to avoid lack of energy and muscle cramps. Finally, most important to me, they are delicious

Whatever the situation: whether it is for my rounds of golf or long working days, I always have a Reboost on me when a drop in energy occurs.

Reboost gives me the energy to do my shows and has become a must for my tours

For a long time I advocate the consumption of basic products, natural and not (or little) processed. This is also the reason why I appreciate Reboost so much, since it offers a simple and natural product. What is more, in addition to being designed locally, the product puts forward 'maple, a food that is the pride of Quebecers.

Beyond the sublime taste, I like the fact that the sachets are easily transported, they are easy to handle with one hand when in full activity and opens easily without damage. I really feel a surplus of energy after consumption.

The taste is sublime and I love the fact that it is 100% natural.

There is nothing better to keep me alert and energetic! The bags are recyclable, they are easy to open, can be eaten well and the taste is sublime. Wow. To have with us for all the moments of our daily life.

Wow: the taste is sublime and helps me during my intensive training. The taste is sublime and you feel the energy boost!

I encourage my teams to make good choices and to train hard. Reboost is one of those choices and helps my athletes push their limits. In addition, young people love the taste so much that it becomes an incentive to work well to deserve a Reboost.

I like reboost because it is a completely natural product that allows me to give the best of myself in training. Reboost has values ​​close to mine which are to have healthy lifestyles!

Really incredible the Reboost. No stomach ache and today on my long distance in stop and go of 16km, I had a lot of difficulty until I take the Reboost gel and then everything went super well and I was indeed in fashion endurance and I ran faster.

Reboost is good for you

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Maple, an electrolyte source:

During a considerable effort in endurance sports, potassium is lost due to perspiration. The maple syrup found in REBOOST is partially composed of potassium, calcium and magnesium. It fits perfectly in the food of the sportsman. The three minerals are all activated and thus support muscle contraction and relaxation.

Maple, a source of minerals:

The maple syrup contained in REBOOST is a good source of zinc, one of the minerals that has, among others, the role of antioxidant. Several studies show that zinc improves muscle metabolism and contributes to the development of strength.

In addition, 1.5 sachet of REBOOST provide 100% of manganese needs, enough to ensure an optimal micronutrient intake.

Maple, a source of antioxidants:

Each sachet of Reboost contains a minimum of 2.5 mg of polyphenols. These antioxidants consumed before and during training, help reduce muscle tiredness. Their consumption after training can also contribute to a faster recovery.

REBOOST: The best source of pure Energy for performance athletes!

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with healthiest and purest ingredient: Maple

  • Energy Food

    Because Reboost is a great source of  potassium, calcium and magnesium, it become the best energy gel to help your muscle recover faster and stonger

  • Recover Faster and Stonger

    Natural source of energy, REBOOST also contains its lot of antioxidants. Taking antioxidants before and during training reduces muscular fatigue and facilitates recovery

  • Performance Gel

    REBOOST provides a significant amount of carbohydrate that will be easily metabolized to glucose during training, providing the energy needed for performance and contributing to increased resistance.

  • Athletes Needs Reboost

    Ingesting carbohydrates during prolonged effort improves athletic performance. Our body must pump carbohydrates from the liver and turn fat into energy, which is much longer to achieve than absorbing fast carbohydrates. The simple carbohydrates contained in a REBOOST sachet are rapidly metabolized and quickly available to the muscles.

  • How is Reboost made

    Single and purest ingredient: Maple SAP

  • Individual Portion

    Reboot pouches fits into your pocket, easy to open, easy to absorb and most importantly absolutely delightful!

  • Reboost yourself

    Make sure to have a reboost everywhere when comes time to train, compete or even if you feel fatigue

How and when to Reboost yourself

Before the Activity

10 to 15 minutes before the start of the activity, your stress level and the time since your last snack has mortgaged your carbohydrate reserves. It is recommended to take a REBOOST 10 till 15 minutes before the start of the race, accompanied by water of course! Hydration is imperative to properly assimilate carbohydrates.

During the effort

The absorption of REBOOST's isolated carbohydrates is VERY fast and you'll feel the effects in less than 10 minutes, making REBOOST the most efficient and fastest energy gel. You can then consume them as needed, or prevention, every 30 to 40 minutes.

After the effort

It is recommended to recharge the glycogen rate within 30 minutes after physical activity. It is also recommended to consume proteins that contribute to the repair of muscle fibers

You feel tired

Need to wake up or feel amorphous in your daily routine or driving? Better have a Reboost than any other commercial drinks or supplements

Everyone needs a little Reboost

Learn why and How Reboost is the best energy supplement on earth.

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