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REBOOST provides a significant amount of carbohydrate that will be easily metabolized to glucose during training, providing the energy needed for performance and contributing to increased resistance. After training, it allows our body to quickly renew its glycogen reserves.

12 months from the manufacturing date and up to 2 years if kept in cold environment.

REBOOST is the source of energy most easily absorbed by your body during an activity.
Reboost can help increase your resistance during long sport and activity sessions.
Reboost allows your body to recover by recharging your body’s glycogen storage.
REBOOSTis also a source of potassium, an electrolyte that helps regulate the pressure of liquids of your body cells that will allow you to maintain your performance.

During a considerable effort in endurance sports, potassium is lost due to perspiration. The maple syrup found in REBOOST is partially composed of potassium, calcium and magnesium. It fits perfectly in the food of the sportsman. The three minerals are all activated and thus support muscle contraction and relaxation.

The maple syrup contained in REBOOST is a good source of zinc, one of the minerals that has, among others, the role of antioxidant. Several studies show that zinc improves muscle metabolism and contributes to the development of strength. In addition, 1.5 sachet of REBOOST provide 100% of manganese needs, enough to ensure an optimal micronutrient intake.

No. Our products have a very low water content, which allows them to remain shelf stable for at least 6 months from the manufacturing date. This means you can store your Reboost in your pantry, desk drawer at work, or your gym bag; or take them with you on a camping or road trip. You can also refrigerate our products.

Each sachet of Reboost contains a minimum of 2.5 mg of polyphenols. These antioxidants consumed before and during training, help reduce muscle tiredness. Their consumption after training can also contribute to a faster recovery. It’s recommended to take Reboost before, during and after long period of activity.

Before Activity : 15 minutes*

During Activity : 45 - 60 minutes

After the activity : 1 pouch

*Reboost Energy metabolizes very efficiently, and is easy on the stomach - the energy it provides is smooth and steady, and subtle - you feel like you can just keep going without a significant spike up or down in perceived energy level.

Reboost gels are made with Maple trees SAP only. This simple carbohydrate source metabolize quickly. It also contain all the Minerals and Electrolytes essential for athletes: the result is a clean, fast fuel source or energy to unleashed your full athletic potential.

Definitively Yes and taste amazingly good

Reboost 100% Maple Energy is a natural source of Maple Syrup That do not freeze until -40 degrees, making it the perfect supplement for winter sports.

To make one pouch of Reboost, we bring the water from maple SAP to boiling until it reaches 66 degrees. We must boil the equivalent of 40 bags of maple water to get one REBOOST sachet!

REBOOST differs from maple syrup by a confidential process that gives it its rich and dense taste, without any additives being added.

See our retailer locations here: Where to Buy. If you’d like to see Reboost sold at a store local to you, please let us know info@reboost.ca and we’ll see what we can do.